Licensing Experts Explain The Pros + Cons of Licensing Your Artwork

At some point in their career, artists will face licensing issues that arise from opportunities to collaborate with brands or manufacturers, so it’s important to understand the ins and outs of the licensing process.

  • Hear top artists share their licensing experience with big brands

  • Understand the importance of your copyright in a licensing deal

  • Learn the economics of licensing and how the kind of money you can make

Learn How To Earn Royalties with Art Licensing

Hear Top Artists and Licensing Agents Share Their Expertise in this Module

  • 1

    How To Protect Your Art

    • How To Protect Your Art

    • Hear New York City based art lawyer Ilya Kushirsky share legal advice on the NOT REAL ART Podcast

    • Listen to entertainment and IP attorney and former Advisor-in-Chief at Deviant Art, Joshua Wattles shares insights on the NOT REAL ART Podcast

    • Free Legal Advice for Artists from Joshua Wattles

    • How to Handle Trouble with the Police As a Protest by Joshua Wattles

  • 2

    How To License Your Art

    • How To License Your Art

  • 3

    Artist Keynote Presentation: Hueman

    • Hueman: Artist Keynote Presentation