Top Entertainment Pros Explain How To Sell Your Big Idea In Hollywood

Doing business in Hollywood can be daunting for artists. There is a wide array of challenges to getting through the gauntlet to make a film or TV series. This course lays out these challenges and clarify the hoops you need to jump through.

  • Learn about today's golden age for artists of color and women in Hollywood

  • Learn the essential attributes of great story telling

  • Discover how Hollywood has become a seller's market with new platforms and streamers

  • Learn how to get a Hollywood studios to buy your idea

  • Learn best practices for dealing with artistic criticism in Hollywood

Learn The Art of Pitching Ideas in Hollywood

Netflix's Jorge Gutierrez and Channing Dungey Tell You How To Sell Your Story

  • 1

    How To Pitch Your Ideas in Hollywood

    • How To Pitch Your Ideas In Hollywood

    • Emmy Award winning animator Jorge Gutierrez shares his creative journey on the NOT REAL ART Podcast

    • Emmy Award Winning Television Writer Michael Oats Palmer Shares His Thoughts About Being A Writer in Hollywood

    • Movie Director and Creator of Jack Ass, Jeff Tremaine Talks About Making Movies in Hollywood

    • Television Actor Eric Winter and Producer John Steinberg discuss their show The Rookie on ABC

  • 2

    Artist Keynote Presentation: Jorge Gutierrez

    • Jorge Gutierrez: Artist Keynote Presentation

    • Hear Emmy Award winning animator Jorge Gutierrez share his journey into Hollywood on the NOT REAL ART Podcast