Learn how to protect your art from top legal experts + contemporary artists

In this course, artist Logan Hicks, IP attorney Ilya Kushnirsky, and former Advisor-in-Chief at DeviantArt Joshua Wattles discuss how to protect your art. If you are serious about making a career, you must consider your art as a business in its own right regardless of how mundane the legal and administrative aspects might be.

  • Get advice about registering copyrights: who can do it, how much it costs, and the time it takes.

  • Why artists must know their rights and have a lawyer to help them protect their IP

  • Learn when it is appropriate to confront someone or take legal action

  • Understand the difficulty— yet necessity —of considering your artwork in business terms

  • Discern the contemporary sharing culture and how you want to participate — or not.

Learn How To Protect Your Copyrights

Watch this module to get vital information about how to prevent copyright infringement

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    Learn How To Protect Your Art

    • How To Protect Your Art

    • Hear New York City based art lawyer Ilya Kushirsky share legal advice on the NOT REAL ART Podcast

    • Listen to entertainment and IP attorney and former Advisor-in-Chief at Deviant Art, Joshua Wattles shares insights on the NOT REAL ART Podcast

    • Free Legal Advice for Artists from Joshua Wattles

    • How to Handle Trouble with the Police As a Protest by Joshua Wattles